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The Murderous Misses of Concord

Published March 2024 

In Concord, Louisa May Alcott farms pigs after success with Little Women, but as New England’s freezing winter approaches, death is on the horizon.

Concord’s Misses, armed with wit and elegance, money and secrets are present when Miss Emily Collier, dies at her 42nd birthday party. Louisa is embroiled in the intrique. They will lie to her, set traps and blackmail to avoid justice. And Louisa is now an outsider in what was once her home.

She’ll swallow her pride and join the community she no longer fears, worming her way into the dark secrets the Misses possess, to get to the truth.

To test her mettle, local Magistrate Captain Briers, a man compromised by lust for one of the Misses, enlists her to quietly bring order to the twisted loyalties, land feuds and underlying shame which fuels a seditious desire for revenge not seen in Middlesex County since the witch trials.

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My Story

A Bit About Me

I have always made up stories and filled them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen.  I write mystery and humorous fiction. One of my books "Single Assassin" won Litopia's Pop-Up Submissions in July 2021.  Book one of the Concord Mysteries Series will be published January 2024.  Born in New York, I've lived most of my life in Ireland and worked as a privacy lawyer for many years. I studied English Literature and Irish Folklore in University College Dublin providing me with a lifelong love for the written word and storytelling.

I'm represented by Cindy Bullard at Birch Literary. I'm published by Level Best Books in the United States. 


"The best time to plan a book is while you're doing the dishes. ..."

Agatha Christie


Get in touch with me for more information about my upcoming releases.

Dublin, Ireland

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